Michele’s oil landscape paintings include both plein air and studio works.

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  • Big Sur Morning, 9x12, framed
    Big Sur Morning

    Big Sur Morning

    In the spring, I go on retreat with several of my painting friends to an area close to Big Sur. From this location, we are able to get an early start painting and catch the light coming up over the mountains to the east. This painting was made in the early morning with the sun lighting parts of the Bixby Bridge on highway one as it travels along the coast to Big Sur. – mh


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  • Light on the Slough

    “California’s Pacific Ocean coastline is dotted with sloughs and estuaries of the many rivers and creeks which wash out to the sea. These often brackish bodies of water provide habitat for a myriad of plants and creatures. Along the Pajaro Valley in Watsonville CA, are many sloughs. This location offered a view of the farmland beyond. It is home to many birds. (The Spanish name for bird is Pajaro.)


    “In this particular spot, I was attracted to the light on the trees as the sun set to the west, casting shadows and streaks of warm light. I included a blue heron in the painting, one of my favorites among the graceful birds that inhabit the area.” – mh


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  • Luminesscent Sea, 11x14, framed

    Luminescent Sea

    One day there was a break in the rain and the sun appeared through the clouds. The Sea turned a luminous shade of green. I painted feverishly to capture the moment. This location is close to a favorite surf spot on the East side of Santa Cruz called Pleasure Point. – mh


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  • Pacific_Edge, 11x14, framed trimmed

    Pacific Edge

    “I am fortunate to live close to the Pacific Ocean and protected areas along the coast. A favorite itinerary of visitors to the area is to take a ride along 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach. ‘Pacific Edge’ was painted at a pull off along this route.

    “The waves were large this day and the tide was high. Off shore rocks broke the waves, creating cascades of ocean spray into the sky. An intriguing home sits on the bluffs overlooking the sea. The blue of the sky and ocean are complemented by the gold cliffs leading down to the sea.”

    – mh

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Most paintings are done on canvas, though occasionally Michele paints directly on prepared wood boards. Larger works are painted on stretched canvas. Many of her plein air works are on canvas panels - with canvas adhered to wooden panels prior to painting. The inspiration for Michele's paintings are in the world all around us. She seeks to capture her experiences and with these representations touch your memory and imagination.