Painting at La Rusticana de Orso

painting in progress-La rusticana Cottage
painting in progress-La Rusticana Cottage

Learning to Paint is a life long journey, and that is what keeps the voyage interesting! In the spring of this year, I attended a painting workshop at La Rusticana De Orso, a vineyard and gardens developed with inspiration from Italy.

Two other SCOP artists also participated. Randall Sexton, a master painter, demonstrated painting statuary and gave us attention at our easels for personal artistic growth. When lunch time came around, we were served authentic Italian fare – steak, salads, cheeses, and of course wine from the vineyard.

I so enjoyed the statuary, old buildings, ponds, and vineyards. It was challenging to paint new shapes and objects. This estate is not far away from our Santa Cruz stomping grounds, although it feels like Italy with all the old-world charm and grace.

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