2019 Winter Workshops

Two 3-Day Workshops

I will offer two 3-day workshops early in 2019. Each workshop will run three consecutive days, giving the artist scholars the opportunity to immerse themselves in the study of a focused element of painting. Each workshop day will run from 9:30am to 4:00pm, with a half hour break for your packed lunch. As with other instruction from me, participants will get access to the “scholar pages” on my website.

January 19, 20, and 21. Saturday, Sunday, Monday

The Focus of this session will be on Composition and Value.

Artists will work with their reference material or may choose from images provided in the studio. (Please do not print copyrighted images from the internet). Learning to see is one of the primary skills an artist develops over time. Participants will work on grouping masses into major values. (Value is the light and dark tones that exist because of light.) You will make gray scale sketches of several images to develop your skill at seeing value. Michele will also address the various light sources found in nature and how these change the temperature of objects. Learning how to interpret this light in paint is also a skill we will work on in the workshop.

How you arrange major objects on your canvas defines your composition. Michele will discuss major compositional designs. Artists do not have to be slaves to their photographic images, and have the freedom to move objects to create an interesting design. Participants will have time to explore different design possibilities of their favorite image in both its format and the arrangement of major shapes.
Prerequisite: painting experience in any medium

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Workshop #2: March 29, 30 and 31. Friday, Saturday, Sunday

plein air painting on the California Coast

The Focus of this session will be on Color and Atmospheric Perspective.

Students in this workshop may choose to continue to explore an image from the January workshop, or they may choose a new image. It is not required that you enrolled in the January workshop.

In this workshop, we will explore color: the major qualities of color, how to achieve color harmony, how to “break” a color, color as an important element in composition, what happens to color as the landscape recedes, what happens to color under different lighting conditions, and how to mix colors that appear natural to the landscape. If weather permits, we will spend the final day in a plein air location painting from nature and surrounding elements.

Prerequisite: painting experience in any medium

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