Hunkered down to study the waves

Travel Report: hunkered down to study the waves

I just returned from my annual retreat to Carmel with artist friends. We painted for 4 days, ate out at fine restaurants and laughed a lot. The wind and fog during the retreat necessitated many layers of clothing, but despite the cold, I still found some sweet locations to paint. One day the sun broke through without the wind and I was at the beach at the Carmel river mouth. Ah, such timing!

At Garrapata, I just hunkered down in my chair out of the wind and did a painting of the waves and the colors of the sea. On my return home, the iris and peruvian lilies in front of the studio were in bloom, making a welcoming invitation to work. I have some final paint to add to some of these new pieces, but they will be ready for summer exhibition.

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