Learning in a supportive environment

I have been painting for many years, and it is truly a lifelong learning experience.

Class painting in progress.
Class painting in progress. Michele’s palette is visible in front.

I believe I learn something every time I pick up a brush. Each new landscape is a new challenge, different from all others. I attend artist critiques most months, with 5 to 20 artists taking turns showing a recent painting and receiving critical feedback from the other artists. I’m learning when I hear what others like most and like least, and when I provide suggestions to the others. I learn from my collectors and other customers when I show and discuss my art with them. But perhaps my best learning experiences have been with small group workshops. I’ve attended a number of these over the years –  workshops given by nationally or internationally known artists in my field. I also learn when I teach, which I greatly enjoy.

My view is that learning happens best and most comfortably in a supportive environment. We need people around us who can provide constructive criticisms and suggestions. When I teach, this is the type of supportive environment I seek to provide.

My first class series of the year just completed this past Saturday. They were an excellent group, and filled my studio with great energy and focus.

My teaching schedule for later in 2018 currently includes two class opportunities, both in my studio.

Studio Saturdays for Artists and Students: I offer four single session instruction times during March and April for artists who want to review the basic elements of painting: Composition, Value, Color, Line, Form, and Texture. I will demonstrate during each class, so artists can watch my process. I will also spend time with each painter at their easel to help with understanding the various elements of painting. Artists will bring their own reference material to work from. My studio is a warm, wind-free, and bug-free environment to in which to work and enjoy the painting process with others. These classes will be held on Saturday : March 17 & 31, and April 21 & 28. You may sign up for one or all four. Click here to read more and register.

Summer Class Series: Elements of Painting: This Summer Class Series will give artists a forum to work on painting: from value sketch, quick color sketch to final painting. Each class will contain exercises to explore the various elements of a painting: Composition, Value, Color, Line, Form, and Texture. Artists will be given an outline to critique their own work. The summer class series will be held Saturdays June 16 to July 28 (no class July 7.) Click here to read more and register.

All classes require that you have your own full set of equipment, and that you have a least some experience. I hope I get to see you learning in my studio one day!

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