A Wildflower Spring

All the rains of winter have given way for  a spectacular spring wildflower bloom as the sunshine warms the land. 

Poppies on the hills in So CA.

My garden was also in bloom with drifts of calla lilies, forget-me-nots , rosemary and clematis. On our return trip from San Diego in March, the hills North of Temecula were adorned with the orange California poppies, so numerous that it looked like pumpkin curry had flooded the land.  For local walks, check out the trails at Glenwood preserve or Quail Hollow County Park.

Calla lilies in my garden.
Calla Lilies in my garden with forget -me- nots in the
background and oxalis in front. The subjects of a spring painting.
Painting in progress of the lupine in Toro Park, Monterey County

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