Paint the Parks

Golden Glow, oil on canvas, 16x12
Golden Glow, oil, 16x12 plus frame. Trees in Autumn along the Merced River, near the west end of Yosemite Valley.

A dear friend and painting buddy, Karin Leonard, a few years ago created a website to support and preserve parks – whether neighborhood parks, local preserves, state parks, national parks, or parks throughout the world. The idea - artists creating paintings in parks anywhere join and then donate a portion of the proceeds of sold paintings to the parks or foundations supporting the parks. Her idea caught fire, and now many artists from around the world have become part of the project. We each designate paintings of parks as part of this "Paint the Parks" effort. Donations have been tracked around the globe. You can read more about Karin's initiative on the Paint the Parks website, at

Many of my paintings are made plein air in our preserved areas, throughout California and elsewhere in the USA in our National Parks. Yosemite especially continues to inspire every visitor with its cathedral granite walls. I am grateful for the people that have set aside these lands for all of us to enjoy.

Black Oak Gold 11x14
Black Oak Gold, 11x14, Half Dome in Yosemite Valley

I feel it is important to support these special lands. I’ve sold paintings and made donations a number of times. But recently I've formalized this with an official “Paint the Parks” page on my website showing paintings whose sale will thus benefit parks. If you purchase one of these paintings, I'll donate to the park which inspired the painting. You can see these paintings on my Paint the Parks page.

Where ever you visit, enjoy the view!

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