Painting by the Koi Pond

Being safe in this pandemic has meant painting around my home or seeking out places where I can keep distance from others. My friend Richard and his wife Gay have an amazing estate with gardens, lily ponds, and Koi.

lily pond painting in progress
lily pond painting in progress

Last week he offered a small group painting event on his property, in which I was delighted to participate. We began painting mid morning

After lunch, eating 6 feet apart, we fed the juvenile ducks and Koi. It was a treat to watch them splash and grab for their lunch. One duckling even came to eat out of Jean’s hand.

I now have an underpainting for a lily pond - the painting at the beginning stage. I used many colors to create a dark background on which I can grow the lily pads and lotus flowers. Maybe I'll call it ... nope, I can't name it until I see the final panting.


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