Peoples’ Choices at Open Studio 2021

Sea Lavender, oil, 24x36
Sea Lavender, oil, 24″x36″
Peoples’ Choices

Some years back, I came on an idea to learn which of my paintings most attracted visitors. I give away a painting each year to one of my visitors, by collecting entry cards from visitors. When completing the drawing entry cards, visitors are also asked to identify their favorite painting in the exhibition. In this way, I learn which of the paintings are “standouts.” Almost all visitors complete entry cards for the drawing.

This year, Sea Lavender, received the most votes. It is a 24”x36” painting on stretched canvas, and framed in a 4” wide black frame with an gold inner liner. This painting was inspired by the lavender flowers on the coastal bluffs near the Santa Cruz yacht harbor. A number of visitors to my studio readily identified the location, including one woman who described to me her work on a project reviving and planting native vegetation on those coastal sands.

It was a four way tie for Second Place, each with nearly the same number of votes: Big Sur Big View 12”x16”, Viva La Vida 24”x30”, Provence Poppies 18”x24”, and Rocky Coast 24”x48”. Of these, Big Sur Big View found a new home during the show’s second weekend, but if you loved this view, there is a similar painting in size and subject at Wisteria Antiques in Soquel. This similar painting’s name is ‘Sun on Big Sur. I painted this painting with a bit more bright colors as the afternoon was sunny. If you visit Wisteria, just ask Owen or another member of the staff to locate it for you.

Several paintings received a lot of votes the first weekend, but the paintings were sold during that weekend and could accrue no more votes after the sale. These include: Sea Spring 11×14, Eucalyptus Shadows 24×30, Struve Slough 11×14, Pinot Vines 12×16, and Autumn Joy 12×16. Other paintings received a smaller number of votes than these 9 leaders in the Peoples’ Choice tally, but I’m happy to say many of these found new homes as well.

Autumn Joy 12x16 black w gold trim frame
Autumn Joy 12×16 black w gold frame
Sea Spring11x14 silver Omega 40 frame
Sea Spring 11×14 silver frame


Thanks so much to all the visitors who shared their reactions to my art.

I trust this was fun for all,

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