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Purpose and use of the list

I use my private newsletter list to inform art lovers, collectors and friends about my art activities. If you join this list, I'll be sending you 4 to 8 emails each year. You can unsubscribe with a single click at the bottom of each email you receive, and you'll receive no more. I never share my list with anyone else.

Michele Setting up her Soquel studio
Michele Setting up her studio in Santa Cruz County, California.

What's in my email newsletters?

I share stories about my activities. These include:

  • stories like my recent selection as a juror for the US Congressional Art Competition,
  • notice of art fairs in which I participate,
  • information about important exhibitions into which my paintings have been accepted by jurors,
  • plans for upcoming painting classes I will be offering,
  • stories about my painting trip travels,

I also offer general information about my life, at times mentioning new walking trails my husband Richard and I find, organizations with goals related to conservation, and so on.