Michele teaching at lighthouse field

Instruction in Painting

by Michele Hausman

Michele teaches workshops and individual classes in oil painting. Highlights:

  • Michele is available for private and semi-private painting instruction. Contact Michele to arrange a session. She provides guidance in painting and constructive critical feedback on your work.
  • Michele occasionally presents class series comprised of 6 half day classes over 6 weeks, as well as workshops with three full days in a row for more intensive learning. Foci include such topis as “Value and Composition” and “Color and Atmospheric perspective.” Contact Michele for information on future planned instruction opportunities. (See below for information on a recent workshop.)
  • Michele’s classes are held either in her Soquel studio (for general painting instruction) or locations around Santa Cruz county (for plein air painting instruction.)

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  • Hausman Studio, interior view

    January Workshop: Composition and Value

    Dates: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, January 19 – 21, 9:30 – 3:30.

    This workshop completes today, January 21. It’s been a great group of artists; a good teaching and leaning time. It was good to see the dedication to the craft, and the shared learning. Thanks to all participants. I hope you’ll all have more good opportunities for painting.  –michele


    In this January workshop, we will focus on painting landscapes, with an emphasis on composition and value.


    Learning to see is one of the primary skills an artist develops over time. Participants will work on grouping masses into major values. Value is the light and dark tones that exist because of light. You will make gray scale sketches of several images to develop your skill at seeing value. Michele will also address the various light sources found in nature and how these change the temperature of objects. Learning how to interpret this light in paint is also a skill we will work on in the workshop.


    How you arrange major objects on your canvas defines your composition. Michele will discuss major compositional designs. Artists do not have to be slaves to their photographic images, and have the freedom to move objects to create an interesting design. Participants will have time to explore different design possibilities of their favorite image in both its format and the arrangement of major shapes.


    We will meet each morning at my Soquel studio, where the workshop will be held. You will need all your painting supplies on the first day – including easel, paints, brushes, cleanup supplies, etc. A full materials list will be sent as soon as you are registered. You will be given access to my Scholar Pages once you register. These include various class notes and reference materials prepared for my students.


    Each student will work at their own pace with individual attention during the painting process. Through the course of the three days, you will be developing various skills and techniques of seeing and painting. And we’ll have fun!  – mh


    Workshop has completed.

    Note: Artists will work with their own reference material or may choose from images provided by me. Please do not print copyrighted images from the internet.

  • Michele in her Soquel Studio
    Michele teaching at lighthouse field

    Private Lesson


    I am offering private landscape painting sessions by appointment. These offer more flexibility and personalized attention than could be afforded with group classes. Sessions are roughly 3 hours in duration. Instruction is set up to meet your individual needs – the great benefit of a private lesson.


    You will want to first decide whether you are interested in learning about plein air painting or studio painting. I include both in my professional work myself, and I have taught both. Studio painting is especially useful for really large paintings. Plein air painting, which is painting out in the natural landscape, often works better with smaller paintings – and that is particularly true on windy days. The plein air approach adds challenges to the painting experience – primarily access challenges (getting our gear to where the “perfect view spot” is located”), weather challenges (looks like rain!) and light challenges (painting as the sun and shadows are moving requires rapid development of the paintings before the scene changes right before your eyes.)


    I will work alongside you, demonstrating various steps and guiding you with instruction regarding value, color, shape, line, texture, and edges as they relate what we are painting. If in studio, you may choose to work from your own reference material, photos and / or plein air sketches. Or I can provide such. Once you are registered on line, I will contact you to arrange a date and time, and to make a basic plan for what type private class session will work well for you. A suggested materials list will also be sent to you after you register.

  • Michele teaching at lighthouse field
    Class painting in progress.

    Semi-Private Lesson for 2

    Title:                   Semi-Private painting instruction for 2

    Date/Time:         TBD – Michele will contact registrant

    Location:            Michele Hausman Studio, Soquel CA, or a plein air location to be agreed


    Two participants:      This item allows 2 people to come to a Michele Hausman painting session for instruction together. You will choose whether to arrange the session as a plein air activity somewhere in Santa Cruz County, or to be held in Michele’s Soquel Studio. Total cost is $110 for both students. At $55 each, this is a good, affordable choice for those who wish to experience art making with a friend, partner, child, parent, or anyone with whom you will enjoy spending time learning from and sharing with Michele. (And this can be a fun gift!)


    Preregistration Required – you will be contacted by Michele soon after your registration is received. For each participant, she will want to know your painting skill level and the subjects of interest for your painting. At that time, you can schedule a date for the painting session.