Michele teaching at lighthouse field

Instruction in Painting

by Michele Hausman

Michele teaches workshops and individual classes in oil painting. Highlights:

  • Michele has arranged to be available to painters in her studio on certain Saturdays (with single session pricing). She provides guidance in painting and constructive critical feedback on your work. See the product offering below (“Studio Saturdays for Artists and Students“) for dates with current availability.
  • Two Saturday 6-class class series planned in 2018

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  • Michele in her Soquel Studio
    Michele teaching at lighthouse field

    Private Lesson


    I am offering private landscape painting sessions by appointment. These offer more flexibility and personalized attention than could be afforded with group classes. Sessions are roughly 3 hours in duration. Instruction is set up to meet your individual needs – the great benefit of a private lesson.


    You will want to first decide whether you are interested in learning about plein air painting or studio painting. I include both in my professional work myself, and I have taught both. Studio painting is especially useful for really large paintings. Plein air painting, which is painting out in the natural landscape, often works better with smaller paintings – and that is particularly true on windy days. The plein air approach adds challenges to the painting experience – primarily access challenges (getting our gear to where the “perfect view spot” is located”), weather challenges (looks like rain!) and light challenges (painting as the sun and shadows are moving requires rapid development of the paintings before the scene changes right before your eyes.)


    I will work alongside you, demonstrating various steps and guiding you with instruction regarding value, color, shape, line, texture, and edges as they relate what we are painting. If in studio, you may choose to work from your own reference material, photos and / or plein air sketches. Or I can provide such. Once you are registered on line, I will contact you to arrange a date and time, and to make a basic plan for what type private class session will work well for you. A suggested materials list will also be sent to you after you register.

  • Michele teaching at lighthouse field
    Class painting in progress.

    Semi-Private Lesson for 2

    Title:                   Semi-Private painting instruction for 2

    Date/Time:         TBD – Michele will contact registrant

    Location:            Michele Hausman Studio, Soquel CA, or a plein air location to be agreed


    Two participants:      This item allows 2 people to come to a Michele Hausman painting session for instruction together. You will choose whether to arrange the session as a plein air activity somewhere in Santa Cruz County, or to be held in Michele’s Soquel Studio. Total cost is $110 for both students. At $55 each, this is a good, affordable choice for those who wish to experience art making with a friend, partner, child, parent, or anyone with whom you will enjoy spending time learning from and sharing with Michele. (And this can be a fun gift!)


    Preregistration Required – you will be contacted by Michele soon after your registration is received. For each participant, she will want to know your painting skill level and the subjects of interest for your painting. At that time, you can schedule a date for the painting session.

  • Hausman Studio, interior view
    Class painting in progress.

    Studio Saturdays for Artists & Students

    Join other artists and art learners who come together in my studio to paint. I’ll do a demo and be available offering guidance or critique. You can bring one or more paintings in progress, or begin from your blank canvas in the studio. (You’ll need a full set of paints and cleanup gear, and at least a bit of experience painting.) We will explore painting in a small, supportive group, while having fun learning in a spacious studio. As participants paint, I’ll move about answering questions and offering critique of the works in progress, or continue with my demo.

    REGISTRATION COST: CLASS DATE selections may be added to the cart one at a time for $35 each.

    March 17: CLOSED.
    March 31: CLOSED.

    April 14: CLOSED.
    April 28:
    CLOSED. Painting with Texture – bring 1 or more paintings you’d like evaluated, particularly for addition of more “texture.” (Read about painting with texture in my bog.)

  • Michele in her Soquel Studio
    Hausman Studio, interior view

    Winter Class Series: Expanding Your View – NOW CLOSED

    In the class series, we will focus on painting natural landscapes. All six classes will be held indoors in my Soquel studio. Each student will work at their own pace with individual attention during the painting process. Through the course of the six classes, we will each be developing the various skills and techniques of seeing and painting to move from smaller images to larger.


    I will demonstrate the various steps and guide you with some basic color mixtures and provide instruction regarding value, color, shape, line, texture, and edges as they relate to the project for the class. Learning to “quick sketch” will aid you in exploring your composition in more detail before committing to a large format. This class is intended to expand your knowledge base for creating a strong painting.


    You will work from your own reference material, photos and / or plein air sketches. You will bring three or four images to work from during the series. We will explore the elements of painting together. Simple value sketches will be made before moving on to color. Different formats and sections of your references will be painted, before moving to a larger format.


    I will contact each registrant to assure participants are all of a level to learn well together. A suggested materials list will be sent to you after you register. And we’ll all have fun!  – mh

    CLOSED. Class is full.

            Class registrants (who have logged in) can view the class materials and notes here.