High quality signed Giclée reproductions.

These reproductions are printed in Santa Cruz, CA,
and the certifying and packaging is accomplished
at the Michele Hausman Studio in Soquel, CA.

Open Edition prints are double matted to 11×14, ready to frame.


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  • Above the Bay giclée , white inner mat

    Above the Bay Giclée

    “The original painting was the largest in a series I painted at this location, which showcases the gold meadows of California. The inspiration comes from the Moore Creek Preserve, open space below the University of California at Santa Cruz campus. In this location, I found expansive views of the Monterey Bay. The oak meadow, with its path, leads the viewer down the mountain to the sea. The golds of the fields complement the blues of the ocean. Cumulus clouds march in from the west.” – mh

  • Around the Bend 22x28

    Around the Bend Giclée

    “My art studio sits alongside Soquel Creek, in Santa Cruz County. Soquel creek drains the second largest watershed of our county out to the Pacific Ocean at the city of Capitola.The creek goes through dramatic changes with the seasons. This painting reflects the colors of Autumn there and the creek’s path through the forest.”   – mh

  • Breath of Spring, white inner mat

    Breath of Spring Giclée

    Sycamore trees are heavy drinkers – they grow along rivers and streams, and are native to California. In the Autumn, their large leaves turn a golden brown and are often the last deciduous tree to lose their leaves. Breath of Spring portrays spring, when the Sycamores are just forming their leaves. The new leaf buds have an orange hue, which are complemented by the distant blue hills. – mh

  • Catchin Polywogs

    Catchin Polywogs Giclée

    “During our daughter’s young years, I spent many hours with her at the creek below our home. It is a place to recharge my creative spirit. Catchin’ Pollywogs portrays my daughter, with her friends, scooping up the critters to bring them home to our pond and watch them turn into frogs.” – mh

  • Coastal Color, white inner mat

    Coastal Color Giclée

    “Wildflowers in bloom create brief explosions of color on our West Coast landscapes. I’ve stopped and painted several times at this spot on the coastal highway just north of Big Sur. Here, in June, gold wild yarrow is complemented by blue mist-muted mountains.” – mh

  • Coastal Spring, white inner mat

    Coastal Spring Giclée

    “The California coastline has many bays and headlands that are pleasing to the eye. I found this scene looking south from the Pigeon Point Lighthouse area, on a day when the clouds were quite remarkable. The blooming wild mustard and the oxalis formed a colorful foreground, and an overgrown trail led my eye into the scene. The headlands of Año Nuevo, breeding ground for elephant seals, lies in the distance. The yellow flowers of spring are complemented by the lavenders of distant hills and cloud shadows.” – mh

  • Continental Edge giclée , white inner mat

    Continental Edge Giclée

    “California’s Pacific Coast, just south of Big Sur, is truly awe-inspiring. I observed, and then sought to capture in this painting, how nature’s contrasts abound – tiny wildflowers set against mighty cliffs, the fluid ocean eroding the solid cliffs, mists arising from the ocean, and mountains fading in the distance.” – mh


  • Dynamic_Coast, white inner mat

    Dynamic Coast Giclée

    “I was inspired by the colors of the Big Sur coast. The orange-reds of the ice plant complement the cobalt and viridian of the sea. Dark waters in the shadow of the cliff add contrast to the sea foam. The ochre sandstone lights up against the dark granite. The waves crash and swirl below me. The original is a studio painting developed from my plein air experiences at this location.” – mh

  • Mission Morning Giclée

    The fog was thick as I set up my easel to begin this painting at the Carmel Mission. The architecture challenged me to create the three-dimensional illusion. Perspective lines take the viewer to the flowering bougainvillea. As the fog turned to rain, I backed into a covered walkway to finish my morning’s work. – mh

  • Mission San Antonio 18x24 oil

    Mission San Antonio Giclée

    “I traveled with another painter to see the Mission San Antonio during the spring. It is located in a remote part of southern Monterey County. This year the rains were sporadic but in the right flow to germinate the lupine, poppies, and larkspur. The meadow in front of the mission was carpeted with wildflowers.” – mh

  • Morning Shadows Giclée (11×14)

    “I awoke early to be up and out at 6am to paint at this location before the wind came up and made plein air painting impossible. (An artist’s canvas can relate to wind just as does a canvas sail on a yacht, but to different effect!) The shadows attest to the early morning hour. The color of the sea here in Big Sur always delights.” – mh

  • Mountain Vineyard oil 12x16

    Mountain Vineyard Giclée

    “Wonderful wines are being grown in the Santa Cruz Mountains, which lie just inland along the Pacific Coast in California. The regular rows of vineyards contrast with the varieties of nature’s shapes. With mountain and coast views in the distance, these vineyards can also be great sites for plein air painting.”   – mh

  • Point Lobos Giclée (11×14)

    “I am a frequent visitor to this park labeled the ‘crown jewels of the California State Park system’ – Point Lobos State Park. This was painted from my images of the ocean at Whalers’ Cove in the Park, with the Carmelite Monastery beyond. By today, the trees have grown up around the monastery, obscuring its presence in the view.” – mh

  • Poppies at Giverny, 14x21, double matted

    Poppies at Giverny

    I traveled to France for the first time years ago with my sister Jackie. She is a great trip planner. Outr itinerary included a visit to Monet’s garden. It was early June and the roses and poppies were in bloom. My photographs of that time and my memories remain with me to this day. I painted this watercolor back in my studio in California after my return. – mh

  • Poppies on the Coast, white inner mat

    Poppies on the Coast Giclée

    “During one of my morning walks along the Pacific coast, I found this sparkle of color, set off by the blue ocean beyond. Red poppies are rare as natives in the California landscape, so I imagine these were planted by an ambitious gardener. There were other wildflowers among the color spray – alyssum and lavender sweet peas. The sun struck one of the red poppies, creating a glow. I took several photos and later created this painting in my studio.” – mh

  • Poppy Spring 11x14

    Poppy Spring Giclée

    “The year this painting was created, the limited rain patterns of California’s drought resulted in a flourish of poppies and other wildflowers along the coast. I painted this scene on location above Gibson Cove in Point Lobos State Park – a park famously termed the ‘Crown Jewel of California’s State Park system.’”  – mh

  • Redwood Mist Giclée

    “Occasionally, in the early morning hours, the fog is lifting from the redwood forest. This forest is where I’ve had my outdoor ‘gallery’ at the King’s Mountain Art Show every Labor Day weekend for over 10 years. The rising sun sends streams of light through the trees, illuminating a magical land. The tall, vertical trees contrast with the diagonal rays of the sunlight. Redwood Mist is my interpretation of this phenomenon. I felt the need for new texture, so I used plant materials – ferns and salvia pieces – as stamps to add texture to the woodland foreground.” – mh

  • Tenacity Giclée

    “On the Cypress Trail in Point Lobos Park stands this tree, roots exposed but clinging to the steep hillside. The often strong coastal winds are made visible by the shapes of branches of these trees. The cypress remind me of graceful dancers. After completion, I named this painting Tenacity for its reflection of the human qualities of hanging on against all odds and persevering against adversity.” – mh

  • Under Gray Sky Giclée (11×14)

    “The Monterey peninsula is often shrouded in fog. This painting was created along the drive to China Cove in Point Lobos State Park. Gray sky accentuates color in the cliffs and trees, while fog adds an element of mystery and softened texture.” – mh

  • Vineyard Afternoon Giclée (11×14)

    “I stopped by this scene while driving home from San Juan Batista after a painting trip. I was inspired, but I felt an urgency to capture the fading light of the late afternoon as long shadows descended down the golden hills. The vineyard rows lead the viewer’s eye back to the rustic barn even as the shadows bring the eye down to it.” -mh

  • Vineyard Light, from original 18x24 oil painting

    Vineyard Light Giclée

    “The Monterey Bay region is graced with climate and soil to support growing grapes for fine wines. Vineyard Light was created from a smaller plein air painting I made at a vineyard in Watsonville. The gray-green Eucalyptus Trees provided a backdrop for the gold vines as the autumn season approached.”  – mh

  • Wave Action Giclée

    “After days of plein air painting along this remarkable coast, I returned to my studio and found one small painting which I felt captured the energy of the waves. I began work on a large version of that study – a studio painting inspired by a particular day of painting at Pescadero State Beach, when the tides and waves were crashing and yet the wind was quiet, a rare combination. Wave Action, a 24” by 36” painting, then developed over several months. I felt this large size was required to portray the energy of the ocean.”  – mh

  • Wildflower Garden Giclée

    On my morning walk along the Pacific coast, I came upon this patch of flowers planted by some generous gardener. The red oriental poppies added a bit of surprise to this otherwise native collection. Photos and a small study made that week led to the larger studio painting, “Wildflower Garden.” – mh

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