I was born and raised in a small town in rural Massachusetts. My artistic sensibilities were established at an early age. When I was 3, my parents bought a country home that was surrounded by a 300 acre dairy farm. I spent my young years exploring the ponds, forest, and meadows that surrounded my parent’s home. When I was older, my two sisters and I saved our money and with the help of our parents, we bought horses. I then had wonderful times riding my Banner to explore the old logging roads around the Berkshire mountains.

My husband and I bought a property in Santa Cruz, many years later, that had the potential to pasture horses. With the birth of our daughter and my journey into art, there was not time for care of these creatures. Fortunately, the neighboring property housed many beautiful horses.

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  • Hadley Farm, 11x14, oil

    Hadley Farm 11×14

    Unframed size 11×14, framed size 17×20


    “I often plan to visit New England in October, when the leaves are in full glory. My sister lives on the outskirts of a busy college town. I’m able to find many pastoral painting opportunities in her neighborhood. This view is I’m looking north with Mt Holyoke behind me. The tractor trail leads you into the painting, where the horses and barns sit  bordered by vegetation gaining its fall colors.” – mh


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    Horse Haven, 11x14, oil

    Horse Haven 11×14

    Unframed size 11″x14″, framed size 19″x22″


    “During theOur Bounty‘ event sponsored by Pajaro Valley Arts, I was invited to paint on a large ranch in the Pajaro Valley Hills. The golden meadows contrasted with the dark oaks, eucalyptus, and pines. The horses grazing in the meadow challenged me to put paint down quickly to represent their forms. It was a great day of painting in the countryside.” – mh


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  • Horses in Autumn, 22x28, oil

    Horses in Autumn 22×28

    Unframed size: 22″ x 28″; framed size 23″ x 29″


    “On the back roads of New England one can find calming pastoral scenes.  One autumn day I spotted this scene, which included white horses with a red barn and a background of trees enflamed by Jack Frost. It inspired first a watercolor (White Horses) and later this larger oil painting. The early fall, especially October, is the best time to visit, when the color is extraordinary as the sugar maples, elms, and oaks prepare for winter.” – mh


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  • Pal-o-mine, 14x18, oil

    Pal-o-mine 14×18

    Unframed size 14″x18″; framed 20″x24″


    “There were horses living adjacent to our property for many years. These residents were a frequent subject for my painting. When I was a girl, I owned a palomino horse, and spent many hours riding trails in New England.

    Years later, in California, when a palomino moved onto the ranch next door, we took a liking to each other, perhaps because I would occasionally bring him apples. He would trot beside me on my way to the mailbox. Although he has moved on to Colorado, I have fond memories and made this painting from a photo. The setting sun created a glow to his already golden coat.”  – mh


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  • Pasture Pals, 9x12, oil

    Pasture Pals 9×12

    Unframed size: 9″ x 12″; framed size 15″ x 18″


    “Santa Fe, the high road to Taos, Abiquiu! I have frequently traveled to northern New Mexico to paint. One morning, I woke early to find a group of horses grazing in a pasture behind our inn. The sky had an sense of impending rain. I grabbed my paints and quickly sketched in the scene. The willows had their fall colors which accented the palomino in the foreground. – mh


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  • Spring Romp, 16x20, oil

    Spring Romp 16×20

    Unframed size: 16″ x 20″; framed size 22″ x 26″


    For a time, the large meadow on our property was used for a “turn out’ where our neighbors horses could run free from their usual paddock confinement. The grace of a running horse has always captivated me. I painted Spring Romp from photos I took of this young chestnut galloping around our meadow.” – mh


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