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    Tuscan Farmland 9x12

    Tuscan Farmland 9×12

    Unframed size: 9″ x 12″; framed size 15″ x 18″


    “When I studied painting in the hills of Tuscany above Pisa, Italy, we traveled out from our apartment in Posara to the surrounding countrysides. We brought our plein air sets and painted at a new location each day. The hilly country offers many extraordinary views of mountains and of picturesque valleys. This was one of my favorites.” – mh


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  • Ursa Curious, 14x18

    Ursa Curious 14×18

    Unframed size 14×18; framed 21×25


         “One autumn, while visiting Yosemite National Park, I set up my easel to paint the reflections of Half Dome in the Merced River. When I had almost completed the painting, a black bear came snuffling along the far side of the river. I grabbed my camera and took several pictures. Richard had come to help me pack up just then, and we decided a fast exit was in order as the bear looked our way. This painting was created in my studio soon after, from my memories and from photos.”  – mh


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  • Venice Night 11x14

    Venice Night 11×14

    Unframed size 11×14, framed size 17×20


    “Venice Night was painted from photos I took on a clear full moon night in Italy. Richard and I took the water taxi to the Lido, a barrier island off-shore. On our return, the lights and full moon on the white marble of Saint Mark’s Basilica glowed against the blue-black sky. Definitely a night to remember, in paint and in our hearts.” – mh


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  • View from the Hill 14x18

    View from the Hill 14×18

    Unframed size 14″x18″; framed 20″x24″


    “I’m always drawn to paint big views, and the hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean offer many spectacular scenes. This location is near a University and affords students and staff there a great opportunity to get out in nature. In early summer, before the dry season takes hold, many greens can be found in the grasses, bushes and trees, which here surround a meadow with a trail passing through it. I enjoyed standing in the meadow, listening to the bird song and painting this plein air piece while the ocean breeze kept me cool.

    ”  – mh


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