Paint the Parks is an international
initiative by artists to support public parks.
Michele will donate a portion of proceeds
from these paintings directly to the parks.

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  • Above the Mist, 12x16

    Above the Mist 12×16

    Unframed size: 12″ x 16″; framed size 18″ x 22″


    “One recent summer, as Richard and I drove to San Francisco on Highway One, we reached the area around Pescadero State Beach. We noticed that the meadows on both sides of the highway were blanketed with wildflowers in bloom. The dunes were covered with colors: pinks and lavenders, golds, oranges, and white. I took several photos at the time.The week after Richard and I visited this location, my artist friend Skip and I went there to paint. The sky was a bit more gray that day, which tends to make colors more intense. That was when I painted “Above the Mist”. When I returned home, I decided that this location would become my focus for a lengthy study. You can see my largest version of the scene in Coastal Muse.” – mh


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  • Black Oak Gold 11x14

    Black Oak Gold 11×14

    Unframed size 11×14, framed size 19×22


    “California is known for the fine old oak trees. This is a painting of a black oak in a meadow within Yosemite Valley. From this angle, one can see Half Dome in the distance.” – mh


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  • Coastal Path 18×14

    Unframed size 18×14, framed size 24×20


    California’s State Parks offer many trails through cypress and pine with views of the Pacific Ocean beyond. This painting was initiated plein air, where I found light coming through the trees and lighting up branches. The path leads on to a lookout over the Pacific atop a small cliff.” – mh


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  • Golden Glow 16x12

    Golden Glow 16×12

    Unframed size: 16″ x 12″; framed size 22″ x 18″


    “Fall color in Yosemite Valley can be quite spectacular. I often travel there in the fall with my paintings friends. On this trip, we had a lodge room close to the river, and walked down to it to paint. The granite walls have a bit of a lavender tone which compliments the golds in the trees.” – mh


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    Sunrise Glow 16x12

    Sunrise Glow 16×12

    Unframed size: 16″ x 12″; framed size 22″ x 18″


    “I woke up early to catch the autumn light on the trees. The sun rose up over the granite cliffs just as I set up my easel. I worked diligently to finish before the light changed and before the day got uncomfortably hot.” – mh


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  • Ursa Curious, 14x18

    Ursa Curious 14×18

    Unframed size 14×18; framed 21×25


         “One autumn, while visiting Yosemite National Park, I set up my easel to paint the reflections of Half Dome in the Merced River. When I had almost completed the painting, a black bear came snuffling along the far side of the river. I grabbed my camera and took several pictures. Richard had come to help me pack up just then, and we decided a fast exit was in order as the bear looked our way. This painting was created in my studio soon after, from my memories and from photos.”  – mh


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Michele will make her donation from any sale of these paintings to a related non-profit Park Association, Foundation, or to park related programs.