Coastals & Big Sur

Coastal Grazing 12×24

Unframed size: 12″ x 24″; framed size 18″ x 30″


Along the coast road to Big Sur, I found meadows intermingling with rocky outcroppings, bait to trap this oil painter! The cattle in this view have a pasture looking out at the Pacific Ocean. I’m sure their milk tastes great as they must be happy cows. Golds and blues are great complementary colors and this combination abounds on this scenic CA-1 route. See my painting “Viva la Vida” for the same location looking south.” – mh


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This one of a kind 12″ x 24″ original oil painting was created by Michele Hausman over an extended time period. Painting support is a stretched canvas.

Painting may be purchased unframed, or framed as shown. The unframed painting will arrive securely boxed, but without wiring or other hanging materials. This option is a good one if you wish to browse your local frame shop for just the right frame for your intended hanging location.

Framing options include both a 3″ wide mahogany frame and a gold frame, both of sturdy construction. If you choose to purchase this painting with this frame, the framed painting will be shipped mounted in the frame and fully wired, ready to unbox and hang immediately. Framed as shown, it is 18″ x 30″.

Shipping is free on both framed and unframed options, and we will insure the painting with the shipper.