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Poppy Patch 18×14 sold

Unframed size: 18″ x 14″; framed size 24″ x 20″


Early this spring, while at an outdoor garden store, I spotted an oriental poppy that matched the color of one I painted 20 years ago after a trip to Monet’s garden in Giverny, France. I bought this poppy plant, established it in my garden behind my art studio, and the plant grew large and took over one end of a garden bed. Finally, the large buds appeared and I waited in anticipation to see the blooms. Once they came, they did not disappoint.” -mh



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The flowers were large and fushia colored with dark magenta centers, and with a mound of stamens laden with gold pollen. The bees loved the flowers. A cloud of the buzzing insects visited the large pink blooms every day. I painted the poppy in the garden and then worked on it further in my studio.” – mh


This one of a kind 18″ x 14″ original oil painting is on a high quality Ampersand GessoBoard panel.

Painting may be purchased unframed, or with the displayed frame. The unframed painting will arrive securely boxed, but without wiring or other hanging materials. This option is a good one if you wish to browse your local frame shop for just the right frame for your intended hanging location.

The displayed framing includes a gold 3″ wood frame, which adds 6 inches to each dimension of the painting on the wall. If you choose to purchase it with this frame, the framed painting will be shipped mounted in the frame and fully wired, ready to unpack and hang immediately.

Shipping is free, and we will insure the painting with the shipper.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 24 × 2 in