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Ranch Cottage 11×14


Unframed size 11×14, framed size 17×20


“This was the first of a series I painted at the Circle P Ranch in the Pajaro Valley. I was captivated by the afternoon light and shadows on the ranch cottage. The large tree which overhung the cottage served to frame the view. (The black walnut frame was made from a tree I harvested a few years ago from the Massachusetts farm where I grew up. See story here.)” – mh


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This one of a kind 11″ x 14″ original oil painting was painted plein air by Michele Hausman. The painting support is a high quality canvas panel.

The painting may be purchased unframed or framed. If you choose unframed, it will be shipped ready for you to find the perfect frame at your local frame shop.

This painting may also be purchased with any of the 3 displayed frame options. These include a 2″ natural finished Black Walnut wood frame, a standard 3″ gold plein air style frame, and a 2-3 inch wide silver plein air frame. If you choose to purchase it with a frame, the framed painting will be shipped mounted in the frame and fully wired, ready to unpack and hang immediately.