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Rocky Coast 24×48 – SOLD


Unframed size: 24″ x 48″; framed size 26″ x 50″


I’m always drawn to paint big views. The Pacific Ocean coast of Central California offers many spectacular scenes. This painting was commissioned specifically for a traveling exhibition, promoting conservation of the western coast areas of the USA – the Seventh Generation Mural Project. Paintings, created by artists all along the Pacific Coast, traveled together for exhibitions along the coast. The location I choose to paint was among the beauties of Point Lobos State Preserve, which lies south of Carmel and north of Big Sur.” – mh


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“The 7th Generation Mural Project built a mural from many artists contributions. ‘Seventh generation’ refers to the length of time that we must consider when judging our impact on the earth and the oceans. What we do now will affect the life of people seven generations into the future.” – mh

The project brought together artists who each painted a section of coastline on the Western United States from Washington State to the Mexican border. Each artist selected a 1 mile location to represent. The paintings were exhibited in outdoor locations including Huntington Beach, Santa Cruz Wharf, The Mendocino Coast and Portland Oregon. Over 200 paintings were displayed, each 24″x48″, creating a mural over 800 feet in length.

Because of the outdoor nature of the exhibit, it was required that the paintings’ support be ¾ inch wood panel, so that they would not be affected by the wind and sun. Michele’s one mile of coastline was the area around Point Lobos State Preserve, south of Carmel CA. Rocky Coast portrays her impression of the trail view up from Whaler’s Cove. The color of the blue sea is dramatic, contrasted against the whitewater surging into the rock cliffs. Michele continues to be excited by the intersection of landforms and sea in this spectacular State Preserve.

This one of a kind 24″ x 48″ Hausman original oil painting is on a 3/4 inch thick board. It was painted in her studio, based on earlier plein air work and photographs. This thick board backed painting weighs a bit more than typical canvas paintings; hanging will likely require 2 persons.

Painting is supplied with the displayed frame. The frame consists of a blond natural wood frame, about 1 ” wide, designed to set off the earth tones and blues in the painting. The painting will be shipped mounted in the frame and fully wired, ready to unpack and hang immediately.

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