Original Oil Paintings

Spring Music 12×9


Unframed size: 12″ x 9″; framed size 18″ x 15″


This painting is one of a few mixed media pieces that I have worked on. The transfer of the music must be sealed off from the oil paint with an acrylic gel medium. I adhered the music, then waited until I was inspired to paint an image on top. The calla lilies outside my studio window, which bloom every spring, inspired me to create this piece.” – mh


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This 12″ x 9″ original painting was painted by Michele Hausman in her studio. It is a mixed media painting, primarily an oil painting, but with the oils painted over a subsurface of sheet music adhered and secured with an acrylic gen medium. The painting support is a Raymar canvas panel.

If you choose to purchase this painting unframed, your painting will be securely boxed and shipped. It will arrive ready for you to visit your local frame shop and choose the best style and color of frame for the setting in which you plan to exhibit the painting.

The painting, with any of the frame options, is 18″ high x 15″ wide. Framing options include a gold 3″ wood 3PG frame, a black 3″ wood 3PB frame, and a silver 3″ wood 3PS frame. If you choose to purchase it with a frame, the framed painting will be shipped mounted in the frame and fully wired, ready to unpack and hang immediately.

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