Tips for Artists: Critiquing Our Work

Join an art group or club I often take paintings to my art group. As a group, we coordinate weekly plein air locations and meet up in the locations to paint. We also have monthly “critique sessions.” To these sessions, most of us bring one or more paintings. These are … Read More

Peoples’ Choices at Open Studio 2021

Peoples’ Choices Some years back, I came on an idea to learn which of my paintings most attracted visitors. I give away a painting each year to one of my visitors, by collecting entry cards from visitors. When completing the drawing entry cards, visitors are also asked to identify their … Read More

Drawing Winners, 2021

What a great Open Studio Year! Many artists around the county reported good visitor rates and business success from the 2 weekends of exhibiting in their studios. This was one of my best open studios shows, in 20 years of participation. After two years of shut down, I so enjoyed … Read More